Saturday, October 15, 2016




Piketi is a software which increases the number of visits to your websites and blogs by organic methods.

increase the number of daily visitor hits of your web site or blog and to ensure that it is at the top in google searches. Piketi is a fully-organic hit enhancement software developed for 32-64 Byte Windows and Apple Mac.

1. Download the best Piketi version that suits your computer from the official web site.

2. Following the upload, sign up Piketi network.

3. Upon the opening, save the web site link you want to be visited from the My Sites menu. During the registration process, you can indicate the duration (how many seconds) you prefer the visitor to stay on your site if you wish. A standard user can save 5 web sites or any site link s/he wishes in Piketi.

4. Upon the confirmation of your registered site by Piketi editors, your site will turn to an open access for the duration you indicated during registration, by other users of Piketi network.

5. The most important difference of Piketi is that the visits are made by users with real IPs, by real PCs and different locations. You can follow all visits made to your site in accordance with duration, IP address and location from the menu of “Web Site Flows”.

6. Visits are carried out by Piketi. You only upload Piketi, save your web site and go on with your business. As long as you are online at Piketi, you both get P+ points and your web site is visited by these points you have got.

7. Visits are carried out by real persons and real IP addresses. Moreover, the visitors do not stay for 3-5 seconds but as much as you want them to be as you indicate during your registration. Piketi browser does not only visit your web site, it also acts as if a real person is visiting your web site and is reading the page. This algorithm continuously changes and is also updated in software database.

8. You can start and/or stop access to the pages you wish. Stopping the access of all pages, you can get P+ points and by starting the page you wish via Play button, you can use your points in page visits.

9. Piketi is totally free. Piketi gets points as long as you are online and you can use the points you have got in making your web sites top in google searches, to increase your video ratings or hits.

10. You can use Piketi not only for increasing your web site or blog ratings but also of youtube videos. Moreover, it is not a short period of visit, is as much as you want it to be.

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