Scam Traffic Exchange

ScamTraffic Echange



Update: no traffic flow, no support. Don't use it

Gain unlimited traffic to your website or pages for FREE!

Our FREE traffic exchange will send thousands of visitors to you website and pages. Increase your alexa rankings with our 100% FREE website traffic. TrafficSend may be a new traffic exchange but our system is designed with all the best features of the top exchanges in the world. Why join multiple traffic exchanges when you can just joing TrafficSend and have all of the best features bundled up into one place! Our system was designed to be user friendly and very effective.



Update: SCAM. don't pay and traffic flow is very low

What is HitEdge?
- HitEdge is a Free Traffic Exchange service, Help webmaster & website owners with delivering free traffic to any website.
- Also increase your alexa ranking, page views, website traffic, rankings and more.
- Transfer points you earned by viewing other people website to another user you know or referral.
- Earn money (20000 points = $1 ) by transfer points that you have from viewing other people website on our traffic exchange service.

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Update:  traffic flow is very low

Hit Increaser is a Traffic Exchange, also known as an autohits service. We help you increase your website hits, rankings (alexa, google) and more. Our affiliate program gives cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%.

We offer free traffic to everyone. Users will have to view other users websites to get "coins" which they can spend on getting users to view there website.

How Does It Work?
After signing up, you will submit all the websites you want to send traffic to. Then you will earn free traffic by viewing other people's websites. Alternatively, you could buy a traffic package from us

Is The Traffic Real ?
Yes the traffic is 100% real. Other users will need to view your website and stay on your website to gain coins which they can use to get traffic onto there website.Our traffic is adsense safe has well.

100% Spyware Safe
We review every website be for it gets added to our website so that our users are safe. After a users website gets approved it will still get checked for any changes to keep our users safe.

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